Personal Loan In Bangalore Interest Rates

  • Personal Loan In Bangalore is a most convenient loan.
  • It is a general purpose loan.
  • It is not secured against any asset like home or gold.
  • It can be used for any purpose like education or travelling.
  • Bank does not track its expenses.
  • Best Offers starting from 10.75%*.
  • Paperless approvel from major banks.

Where You can use Personal Loan In Bangalore

Improve Your Home

Personal Loan In Bangalore can be used to buy a new house or to renovate the old one and no need to put any asset to avail it.

Get On The Road

You can use this type of loan to buy a new vehicle.

Pay Out Your Credit Card Debts

Feeling pressure by debt of credit cards. Use your Personal Loan In Bangalore to pay the credit card bill.

Visit a Dream Site

Planning to go for a vacation abroad. spend your Personal Loan In Bangalore to see the dream place

Education Abroad

Want to study abroad but need money. Personal Loan In Bangalore can be a good option for it.


Marriage is a once in a life time achievment. make your all dreams come true with Personal Loan In Bangalore.

Compare Interest Rates

Bank Interest Rate Action
HDFC Bank 11.25%* Apply Now
HDB 13.99%* Apply Now
IndiaBulls 11.99%* Apply Now
Bajaj Finserv 12.99%* Apply Now
Yes Bank 10.75%* Apply Now
ICICI Bank 10.99%* Apply Now
Standard Chartered Bank 10.99%* Apply Now

The Documents needed for obtaining a Personal Loan In Bangalore

The documentation process can be different in accordance with the particular lender. However, the exact same could be divided in two components - KYC & Financial Records and here are the typically requested documents:

KYC Records
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Identity Proof Aadhaar, PAN, Passport, DL or Voter ID
  • Home Evidence - Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill or Water Bill
Financial Records
  • Latest 3 month's bank statement of your salary accounts
  • Last 3 month's wages slips

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for the loan varies from bank to bank and also depends upon the type of the loan. however, the general criteria depend upon your

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Capacity to repay the loan
  • Place of residence

About Personal Loan In Bangalore & Features

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  • Personal Loan In Bangalore Faqs

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Personal Loan In Bangalore is a general purpose loan. In details, it is an unsecured loan taken by individuals from a bank or a non-banking source (NBFC) to meet their personal needs. Unsecured means here, a Personal Loan In Bangalore is not secured against any asset like a home loan or a car loan. Since it’s an unsecured loan the borrower does not put up anything like gold or property to avail it and the lender, in case of the borrower does not able to pay, cannot auction anything he owns. It is provided on the basis of income level, repayment capacity, credit and employment history, etc. Although, the interest rates on Personal Loan In Bangalores may be higher than those on home, car or gold loans. But it is fine because of the greater perceived risk when sanctioning them.

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